Tangshan Jingxin Science and Technology Company Limited is a big manufacturer and exporter of solar energy products,established in 2012.As a professional manufacturer and exporter,our company has many years’ experience in manufacturing and exporting a wide range of solar energy products.We are dedicated to the marketing and expanding of the world’s well-known solar panels.At the same time,we deal with other well-konwn solar energy products,like solar controllers,solar inverters,solar batteries,etc.


    Jingxin technology with excellent quality and high quality services, products are exported to Asia, Australia, the Middle East, South America, South Africa and other places. In order to better open up the market, customer service, the company established a localized sales and management team in Europe and North America. In August 2012, Jingxin Europe Branch was established in Hamburg, which is responsible for product distribution and customer service. In December 2012,Jingxin America Brance was established.The company is incorporated in the state of New York and is responsible for the production and sales of solar modules. In May 2013, Jingxin Hong Kong Branch was established and is responsible for the distribution and customer service of the company's products in the Southeast Asian market. In order to expand production, in April 2017 Jingxin established a new delivery room, add new equipment, greatly improve the production capacity.


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Location: Nigeria

Total System Size: 1MW

Module Type: JX-156M-320

Time: 2017.2

Location: Ukraine 

Total System Size: 3MW

Module Type: JX310DM-60

Time: 2019.6

Location: Chile

System Size: 100KW

Module Type: JX-156P-260

Time: 2016.10                  

Location: Belize

System Size: 250kw

Module Type: JX360M6-72

Time: 2019.10

Location: Japan

Total System Size: 1MW

Module Type: JX-156M-310

Time: 2016.12

Location: Henan,China

Total System Size:100KW

Module Type: JX-156P-320


Location: Korea

Total System Size: 10MW

Module Type: JX-156P-250

Time: 2017.3

Location: Shandong, China

System Size: 3MW

Module Type: JX-156P-260

Time: 2017.4



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